Collective Noun in hindi : प्रिय पाठक, इंग्लिश ग्रामर में संज्ञा के जो पांच प्रकार है उनमे से एक है Collective Noun. 

Collective Noun को हिंदी में समूहवाचक संज्ञा कहा जाता है।  यह किसी group या समूह को दिया हुआ नाम होता है। 

A name given to a collection of something is called Collective Noun. 

यह कुछ वस्तुओं के संग्रह का नाम हो सकता है जैसे कि किताबें, चाबियाँ, फूल, कुर्सियाँ आदि या यह जीवित जीवों जैसे मनुष्यों, जानवरों, पक्षियों आदि का संग्रह हो सकता हैं।

It can be a name of a collection of some objects such as books, keys, flowers, chairs etc or it can be a collection of living organisms such as humans, animals, birds etc.

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Collective Noun in hindi
                                            Collective Noun in hindi 

Examples of Collective Noun:

a group of dancers
a board of directors
a staff of employes

यहाँ पे जो भी अधोरेखीत शब्द है वहीँ collective nouns  है। 

List of Collective Nouns  

a herd of buffaloes a team of players
a flock of birds a sentence of words
a pack of dogs a colony of houses
a swarm of bees a nest of mice
a shoal of fish a line of kings
a group of dancers a bouquet of flowers
a crowd of people an army of soldiers
a gang of thieves a pack of wolves
a mob of kangaroos a pride of lions
a staff of employees a garland of flowers
a crew of sailors a bundle of sticks
a choir of angels a heap of papers
an orchestra of musicians a catalogue of prices
a panel of experts a cloud of dust
a troup of monkeys a patrol of policemen
a bunch of keys a forest of trees
a pile of books a cluster of coconuts
a set of utensils a ream of papers
a series of events a reel of films
an album of photos a caravan of gypsies
a bevy of ladies a hive of bees
a troop of scouts a string of horses
a harvest of crop a tribe of natives
a choir of singers a regiment of soldiers

Use of Collective Nouns in sentences

1] I saw a crowd of people at the corner.
2] We visited a forest of trees.
3] My father created an album of photos yesterday.
4] He organized a series of events last week.
5] My mother purchased a bouquet of flowers for the bridegroom.
6] There was a pride of lions in the sanctuary.
7] Our class teacher selected a team of players.
8] Police caught a gang of thieves.
9] I often see a flock of birds in the sky.
10] My aunty sold a set of utensils to her friend.

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