What Is Interjection With Examples and Types – English Grammar

An interjection is a word which is used in a sentence to convey emotions or feelings like joy, happiness, sadness, fear, surprise, excitement, disgust, enthusiasm, pain or approval.

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What Is Interjection With Examples

They are usually included at the start of a sentence. There may be some situations in which they are used at the middle of a sentence also. They can come after any other part of speech like noun, verb or adjective.

For example,

  • I tried my new dress and yuck, it doesn’t feet me.
  • I dropped my pen, ugh.

They are mostly followed by an exclamation mark but sometimes by a question mark also.

They are to be used very cautiously whenever we want to express our feelings or emotions

Refer below table for examples of it:

Type of InterjectionExamplesSentences
Interjection of greetingHi!, Hello!, Hey!1] Hi! Take your book.
2] Hello! I am talking with you.
3] Hey! We have met a long time before.
Interjection of joy / happinessHurray!, Wow!, Yippee!, Aha!1] Hurray! I found my lost purse.
2] Wow! Her performance was excellent.
3] Yippee! We are going for a picnic.
4] Aha! I am feeling great today.
Interjection of SurpriseWhat!, Oh!, Ah!, Eh!, Hey!,1] What! He denied me.
2] Oh! You did same mistake again.
3] Eh! She spoiled the cloth.
4] Hey! Are you sure?
5] Ah! My father caught me.
Interjection of painAh!, Alas!, Ouch!, What a pity!1] Ah! I got injured.
2] Alas! He lost his father.
3] Ouch! You hurt me.
4] What a pity! He has fallen from the height.
Interjection of annoyanceHey!, Oye!, Hmph!1] Hey! What you did this?
2] Oye! Can’t you hear me?
3] Hmph! It should never happen again.
Interjection of dismayoh, no!, oops!1] Oh, no! I will not do this again..
2] Oops! I forgot to tell you that.
Interjection of reliefphew!, whoa!1] Phew! Now I am free.
2] Whoa! My exams are over.
Interjection of embarrassmentAhem!Ahem! I feel very guilty for this.
Interjection of doubtEr!, Really?, um1] Er! I think he is not ready.
2] Really? Do you think he can do?
3] Um! Let me check this.
Interjection of dissatisfactionAh!, Damn!, Blast!1] Ah! It would not be sufficient.
2] Damn! He should work more.
3] Blast! Mother would cook more.

Final words on What Is Interjection With Examples

Interjection is one of the 8 parts of speech which is used in a sentence to express feelings or emotions.

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