English Grammar Exercises on Tenses: 

Before going to solvethese exercises, my suggestion is to go through the basics of all tenses here.

English Grammar Exercises on Tenses
                                   English Grammar Exercises on Tenses

Q1] Identify tense of the given sentence.

1] He got an idea.

2] I will search for the new place.

3] My uncle and aunt have mounted a statue in their hall.

4] All Sundays are holidays.

5] My students were my strength.

6] He was travelling by bus.

7] I will have been visiting that zoo in next month.

8] We were at home.

9] John will cover his mouth.

10] Peter and his friend had been watching the new movie.

Q 2] Rewrite the given sentences as per given tense in brackets.

1] Sahil found his lost key. (Future continuous tense)

2] Mohan watered the plants. ( Simple present tense)

3] Tom catches the Jerry. (Past continuous tense)

4] My father used his spects. ( Future perfect tense)

5] Computers perform the best. ( Present perfect continuous tense)

6] My surname was Patel. ( Simple future   tense)

7] He caught the train in time. ( Past perfect continuous tense)

8] I have placed an umbrella on table. ( Past perfect tesne)

9] You will be having that car. ( Present continuous tense)

10] My dreams are very big. ( Simple past tense)

Answer Key:

Q 1] 

1] Simple past tense

2] Simple Future tesne

3] Perfect Present Tense

4] Simple Present tense

5] Simple Past tense

6] Past Continuous tense

7] Perfect Continuous Future tense

8] Simple Past tense

9] Simple Future tense

10] Past perfect continuous tense.

Q 2] 

1] Sahil will be finding his lost key.

2] Mohan waters the plants.

3] Tom was catching the Jerry. (Past continuous tense)

4] My father will have used his spects. 

5] Computers have been performing the best.

6] My surname will be Patel. ( Simple future   tense)

7] He had been catching the train in time. 

8] I have had placed an umbrella on table.

9] You are having that car.

10] My dreams were very big. ( Simple past tense)

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