What Are the Regular And Irregular Verbs: In English Language, there are two types of verbs based on how they change their form in Past tense and Past Participle. They are 

1] Regular Verbs

2] Irregular Verbs

Now let us have a close look at both of them.

What Are the Regular And Irregular Verbs

                                         What Are The Regular And Irregular Verbs

1] Regular Verbs

The verbs which form their past forms by adding just '-ed' at the end are called regular verbs.

See the list of examples of Regular Verbs:

Sr No. Base Verb Past Tense Past Participle
1 walk walked walked
2 purchase purchased purchased
3 play played played
4 listen listened listened
5 jump jumped jumped
6 dance danced danced
7 work worked worked
8 paint painted painted
9 dress dressed dressed
10 borrow borrowed borrowed
11 haunt haunted haunted
12 surprise surprised surprised
13 examine examined examined
14 answer answered answered
15 accept accepted accepted
16 appear appeared appeared
17 arrange arranged arranged
18 bounce bounced bounced
19 call called called
20 confuse confused confused
21 decorated decorated decorated
22 exist existed existed
23 force forced forced
24 guess guessed guessed
25 help helped helped
26 happen happened happened
27 invite invited invited
28 join joined joined
29 kill killed killed

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2] Irregular Verbs

Verbs whose form totally gets change in past tense and in Past Participle are called irregular verbs.

Here is the list:

Sr. No Base Form Past Form Past Participle
1 go went gone
2 come came come
3 know knew known
4 begin began begun
5 write wrote written
6 bring brought brought
7 buy bought bought
8 run ran run
9 win won won
10 think thought thought
11 fly flew flown
12 throw threw thrown
13 show showed shown
14 become became become
15 teach taught taught
16 send sent sent
17 lose lost lost
18 say said said
19 make made made
20 leave left left
21 get got got
22 find found found
23 feel felt felt
24 drive drove driven
25 drink drank drunk
26 choose chose chosen
27 give gave given
28 begin began begun
29 eat ate eaten

Some irregular verbs do not change their form at all like:

Sr. No. Base Form Past Tense Past Participle
1 cut cut cut
2 put put put
3 shut shut shut
4 let let let
5 hurt hurt hurt
6 cost cost cost

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Final Words on What Are The Regular and Irregular Verbs

Verbs who get added by '-ed' in their past tense and past participle forms are called regular verbs while those whose form totally gets change or donot change at all are referred as irregular verbs.

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