About Us

Welcome to the Jayashree Classes website. As a director, I am delighted to write few words about the coaching institute. We have been providing quality education since last 8 years and over 2000 students have taken advantage of our teaching methodology. Jayashree Classes was established in 2012 as a small sapling and now it has grown as a giant tree. This became possible only because of blessings of our students and positive approach of their parents towards our institute.

We believe that a person with positive attitude, strong will power, persistency and commitment always has room at the top. The same thing we incorporate in our students.

Here, students are enriched with life-turning experience which enable them to reach at the top of the ladder of success. With very professional teaching, we provide extracurricular activities which help our students to build their personality along with mastery on subjects. We seek to encourage our students to achieve their goals by following an action plan. We work together with our students to hit the targets. Here, as a parent of our students we assure you that your ward will spend fruitful time in our institute. 

On the behalf of Jayashree classes, I invite you to explore our institute and feel blend of quality education and character building of your kid.

With Best Regards,

Prajakta Tavargeri (B.Sc., MCA, Pune)
Managing Director (Jayashree Classes)
Email : contact@jayashreeclasses.in